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Just a quick video of the basildon hospital map as it is (still WiP!)

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Posted by on August 15, 2018 in Half Life 2


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More of the same, Less of the same.. ?

Soo as you can see from the screenshots below i have had more to do with the A&E department, the prescriptions area has had a bit of a revamp too, not much to report here really other than having to delete a shedload of props in the restaurant and i might delete some from the heavily chaired out waiting room.. AnE_HallwaysToo.png

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Posted by on August 12, 2018 in Half Life 2


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Another Decision to speed up the map..

I had recently been putting off part of the map, my decision to not do the whole of the hospital and work on the immediate area has really gave me a bit more inspiration and freedom to be a little less accurate with it, but i have put in the prescriptions area, even if it isnt near the end of the corridor, now it will connect to A&E and the ambulance entrance in the main square allowing for another escape route.

I have also decided to add in a set of stairs just past the lift/elevators, closing off just past the entrance to the staircase, A&E will obviously be put in as said earlier but not much further.


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Posted by on August 9, 2018 in Half Life 2


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Reminiscent of Lil Venicia..

From the very moment i started the Basildon Hospital map i had quickly realised that the large area in the middle of the one way/disabled bays area was going to be a no-go zone due to the sheer openness of it and people would end up staying inside where its safe(r) from the guns, bullets, rockets and misfits and i had struggled with what to actually put there without it looking too out of place.

After much thought i remembered a previous map Lil Venicia[opens in new tab], and how i came up with a use for the centre area that really wasnt big enough for much. The answer was a map within a map. In Lil Venicia we saw a very close quarters KWOMBAT[see videos in link above] area and although was a no-go zone if you didn’t feel up to the task, it provided a much needed visual block across the map.

I had thought about using market stalls on the grass, but that would require a full rebuild of that area due to having real steps and felt that would take from the actual feel of the location it was supposed to be about, so instead we have shipping containers, they block out the light from most sources quite neatly, adding to the panic and feel of imminent death!


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Posted by on August 7, 2018 in Half Life 2


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The 8-O-Drome (Halo4) {Work in Progress}

hey guys, turns out i couldnt hold out on the WiP of it any longer,

im hoping for this map to be for as many gamemodes as that of hideyseeky2, which is around 4 or 5 depending on if you count deathmatch or not!

i dont want to give too much away about how the gamemodes will work but if you look at the screenies you can pretty much gather some sort of fathomisation…. Fathomisation?? ha new word!

well anyways without further stalling, below are some screenshots;

The 8, this is the playing area, the walls that seem to float in midair are placed like that so i can add in spawnpoints without too much hassle, crying and/or blabbering like a lil schoolgirl.


One of the halves, they’re pretty much the same anyways!


and finally the intersection, 3 ways to get to and from each half of the map in one tiny corridor!


That’s all for now, but i hope this has soothed your brain in terms of what’s going on in my little mind of mayhem 😀


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