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Multistorey Carpark2 News! (HaloReach)

Ok people, i was recently on my reach fileshare and i noticed that contrary to what i previously thought was true… this map is ACTUALLY online!!! so feel free to play in its madness! (you can find multistorey carpark2 in the halo series section of this blog, but if you just want to see a video of it, then i linked it below just for you guys 😀

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Multistorey Carpark2 (HaloReach)


Lobby size: 2v2+ (max : full lobby)

Gamemodes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and RACE!

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Author: Arky3000

This map is obviously a multi-storey carpark, I apologise for the flickering of the objects at the start of the video, this is due to me maxing out the object limit pretty well, as well as the overall budget, in the very start of the video you will see a huge sticky out piece at the top of the carpark, this is only visible during racemode as it is the race start.

This map comprises of 4 levels with as little as 4 ways up/down from each level and to stop people camping on the stairwells they  alternate on each level.

each level also has distinct edging so you can memorise if you wish and remember which floor you are on 😀

Shoutout to bifftech for starring in this video!

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