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Another Decision to speed up the map..

I had recently been putting off part of the map, my decision to not do the whole of the hospital and work on the immediate area has really gave me a bit more inspiration and freedom to be a little less accurate with it, but i have put in the prescriptions area, even if it isnt near the end of the corridor, now it will connect to A&E and the ambulance entrance in the main square allowing for another escape route.

I have also decided to add in a set of stairs just past the lift/elevators, closing off just past the entrance to the staircase, A&E will obviously be put in as said earlier but not much further.


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Reminiscent of Lil Venicia..

From the very moment i started the Basildon Hospital map i had quickly realised that the large area in the middle of the one way/disabled bays area was going to be a no-go zone due to the sheer openness of it and people would end up staying inside where its safe(r) from the guns, bullets, rockets and misfits and i had struggled with what to actually put there without it looking too out of place.

After much thought i remembered a previous map Lil Venicia[opens in new tab], and how i came up with a use for the centre area that really wasnt big enough for much. The answer was a map within a map. In Lil Venicia we saw a very close quarters KWOMBAT[see videos in link above] area and although was a no-go zone if you didn’t feel up to the task, it provided a much needed visual block across the map.

I had thought about using market stalls on the grass, but that would require a full rebuild of that area due to having real steps and felt that would take from the actual feel of the location it was supposed to be about, so instead we have shipping containers, they block out the light from most sources quite neatly, adding to the panic and feel of imminent death!


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New Halo4 Map coming soon!

Today i have been tinkering with an all new halo4 map, i hope it becomes the battleground of many, its unique playstyle could even allow it to be played by MLG, but for now lets let your imaginations run on the title of the map…..  ‘ The 8-O-Drome!’


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HideySeeky2 (Halo4)

Im pleased to announce the completion of HideySeeky2 for Halo4!

This map far exceeds its original on haloreach in pretty much every single way! Its bigger… better.. more heart poundingly, kill frenzying fun, it has more game modes! and best of all its already on m fileshare as i type this!

Map Title: HideySeeky2

Gamertag: Arky3000

and to get those thumbs bursting with want and ur heart bursting with lust to kill…. heres a very short video showing the map as you will see it.

I hope you guys enjoy the map, i wont know unless you leave me a comment :D.

this map was made for Bifftech, for without his awesome… this map wouldnt exist!

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HideySeeky2 (Halo4)

HideySeeky the Map we love to play on haloreach is now being made for Halo4 only bigger better and much more … mayhemy? mayhemmy? …… BADASS!!!

here is a bit of a sneaky screenshot (as well as some video!) before i add in all the spawns, weapons, powerups and some other things to make the game a little more frantic 😀


(in the video i stop moving for a few seconds at roundabout 17secs, this is to show how big hideyseeky used to be originally.


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WateringHoles (HaloReach)

Lobby size: 1v1+ (max: Full lobby)

Combat Ranges: Melee only

Gamemodes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, King of the hill, and Zombies!

Search For: Wateringholes

Author: Arky3000

OTHER INFO:  This map requires its own game-mode, you can search for the one on my fileshare called (wateringholes slayer) or you can just make a gamemode and set primary weap as hammer, no secondary and sprint as powerup.

This map is a one of a kind! (other than the Skyholes i made for halo4), you really wont find any other map like it! its loved by many and is hilarious in large groups due to the fact that everyone has a suicide every so often, and usually a kill means a death too!

the main bases at either end shown in the video are only there in teambased gamemodes. and this map will have you laughing in stitches, even deathmatch mode sees you forming alliances… if only until u bash them senseless or they barge you into the water.


shoutout to bifftech forstarring in this 😀

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Posted by on June 12, 2013 in Halo Series, Main Thread


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