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LudoFlag! (Halo4)

Map Name: LudoFlag  (THIS IS A CTF RACE MAP!)
File Share Gamertag:Arky3000
Canvas Map: Forge Island
Status: Complete, needs testing

ludoflag3 ludoflag4 ludoflag1 ludoflag2

Ideal Player Count: 4v4v4v4 (will support 2v2 or 8v8 and has a spectator team for scragglers{4spawns})
Best Gametypes: CTF
Supported Gametypes:CTF, Flood. not recommended for ANY other gametype!
Description:this map has the basic layout of Ludo, you each start at a base and progress round stealing someone elses flag and return it to your base… sounds easy.. well yes except for you cant go back the way you came and people may decide to wait for you at their flag before actually venturing to collect one themselves!

Other Notes: Though this map supports 2v2 its recommended to use more (2v2v2 or 2v2v2v2), the 4 playing teams are red, blue, green and gold, with the spectator team as purple. while playing with only two teams its recommended to play either redvblue or goldvgreen. the ceiling is glass colloseum to allow the spectator team to see the action and if they get bored theres some things to play with too.
This Map can be played without any special gametypes, tho changing the time limit is recommended.

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The 8-O-Drome! (Halo4)

Lobby Size: 1v1 min (max: full)

GameModes: DM, TDM, CTF, Flood, Oddball, Grifball! and ‘King of the hill (with gametype or similar)’

Search for: ‘The 8-o-drome’

Author: Arky3000

This map is designed for mass mayhem and fun!

Playing this map on Flood will literally force your underwear into a state of heaviness! at the start of the game the flood will spawn randomly in one of the cages above and every consecutive respawn will be a random cage and all cages have respawns… ENJOY!


though most of the gamemodes will be easy to set up, KOTH will require its gametype or similar to be played due to it being a ‘last man standing’ scenario. you can either download this from my fileshare (‘KOTH 8-ODrome’) or you can create a basic/temporary mode using the settings below, though the gamemode i have created allows for a bit of fun while u wait for the round to finish.

Score to win: 1

time limit: unlimited

Lives per round: 2!!

Number of rounds: 3


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The 8-O-Drome (Halo4) {Work in Progress}

hey guys, turns out i couldnt hold out on the WiP of it any longer,

im hoping for this map to be for as many gamemodes as that of hideyseeky2, which is around 4 or 5 depending on if you count deathmatch or not!

i dont want to give too much away about how the gamemodes will work but if you look at the screenies you can pretty much gather some sort of fathomisation…. Fathomisation?? ha new word!

well anyways without further stalling, below are some screenshots;

The 8, this is the playing area, the walls that seem to float in midair are placed like that so i can add in spawnpoints without too much hassle, crying and/or blabbering like a lil schoolgirl.


One of the halves, they’re pretty much the same anyways!


and finally the intersection, 3 ways to get to and from each half of the map in one tiny corridor!


That’s all for now, but i hope this has soothed your brain in terms of what’s going on in my little mind of mayhem 😀


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More weapon sketches!! :D

ok so the last day or so i been thinking up other weird and wonderful weapons.


ok the first one is just a plain old axe, tho it may of been more efficient as a fist weapon instead of the axe.



next up is the ‘Ceaseless omenblade’, razor sharp all the way round the sword apart from the hilt, the weight at the base allows for more efficient control, great for a melee DPS, the tip has been known to pierce ttitanium armor like it was made of playdoh! the blade glows orange while in mid-swing, a sure sign to keep well away from it as it does!




Next up is a dual photo, on the left is ‘the touch of the gods’ and on the right is the ‘MaceBlade of stealth’.




The ‘Mace of timeless grace’

Forged by a group of wealthy blacksmiths aching for a weapon to show off their wealth! the hilt is made of dragon-bone, wrapped with gold and purple velvet, capped with platinum discs at either end. the shaft is silver coated titanium and the heavy end consists of elaborately detailed velvet fixed onto a solid titanium block edged in none other than solid gold! even the spike that holds it onto the shaft is gold plated titanium!




Lastly is the ‘Edge of unforgiving’,

This ingenious sword has the sharp edge on the inside. with 2 spikes for those extra gruesome tasks, is mainly used as an offhand item for a rogue but could be used well by others in the know.


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HideySeeky2 (Halo4)

Im pleased to announce the completion of HideySeeky2 for Halo4!

This map far exceeds its original on haloreach in pretty much every single way! Its bigger… better.. more heart poundingly, kill frenzying fun, it has more game modes! and best of all its already on m fileshare as i type this!

Map Title: HideySeeky2

Gamertag: Arky3000

and to get those thumbs bursting with want and ur heart bursting with lust to kill…. heres a very short video showing the map as you will see it.

I hope you guys enjoy the map, i wont know unless you leave me a comment :D.

this map was made for Bifftech, for without his awesome… this map wouldnt exist!

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HideySeeky2 (Halo4)

HideySeeky the Map we love to play on haloreach is now being made for Halo4 only bigger better and much more … mayhemy? mayhemmy? …… BADASS!!!

here is a bit of a sneaky screenshot (as well as some video!) before i add in all the spawns, weapons, powerups and some other things to make the game a little more frantic 😀


(in the video i stop moving for a few seconds at roundabout 17secs, this is to show how big hideyseeky used to be originally.


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More Weapons!

Hey guys, here are some more weapons i have been doodling.

The first one doesnt really have a name.


The Guard is shaped like an oval, with the actual action end of the sword shaped like a bracket ” ) ” with a strengthening rod down the centre. the blade runs round the entire main part of the sword. the hilt im not sure how it may look, extravagent would be too much for this hilt i think.

Next up is ‘The Staff of ensuring hurt’.


this staff, along with its classified magical abilities and stats, comes with 2 sharp edges just below the huge glowing region. the glowing region is surrounded by small metallic structures levitating around it acting as its base.

and lastly is ‘the Pole-Axe of the beheader’ .


With a devastating reach and razorsharp edges give this weapon its name, it was primarily meant to be a mace, but the crafter merely saw a great purpose to it, giving this weapon weight to the blade… helping those all important swings!

i hope you enjoyed these weapons, any comments or questions aren’t mandatory… but appreciated 😀

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