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The 8-O-Drome! (Halo4)

Lobby Size: 1v1 min (max: full)

GameModes: DM, TDM, CTF, Flood, Oddball, Grifball! and ‘King of the hill (with gametype or similar)’

Search for: ‘The 8-o-drome’

Author: Arky3000

This map is designed for mass mayhem and fun!

Playing this map on Flood will literally force your underwear into a state of heaviness! at the start of the game the flood will spawn randomly in one of the cages above and every consecutive respawn will be a random cage and all cages have respawns… ENJOY!


though most of the gamemodes will be easy to set up, KOTH will require its gametype or similar to be played due to it being a ‘last man standing’ scenario. you can either download this from my fileshare (‘KOTH 8-ODrome’) or you can create a basic/temporary mode using the settings below, though the gamemode i have created allows for a bit of fun while u wait for the round to finish.

Score to win: 1

time limit: unlimited

Lives per round: 2!!

Number of rounds: 3


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Multistorey Carpark2 News! (HaloReach)

Ok people, i was recently on my reach fileshare and i noticed that contrary to what i previously thought was true… this map is ACTUALLY online!!! so feel free to play in its madness! (you can find multistorey carpark2 in the halo series section of this blog, but if you just want to see a video of it, then i linked it below just for you guys 😀

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