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New [WIP] map series for Episode 2 (Single player!)

So i have recently been thinking about building a series of singleplayer maps (that currently has no name) for Episode 2 and as the name suggests, I am now in the process of creating the first map..

Set in a graveyard of all places, nice and safe and DARK and with nothing on you but your clothes..

Here’s a quick screenshot..
EP2sp_GYardspan a note, the image was much darker than that so i’ve lightened it a bit so you can actually see SOME stuff… well gravestones anyway.

I must note that the basildon hospital map is STILL being made!


That’s all from me today, hope you guys have a great day 🙂

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Basildon Hospital Video..

I couldn’t resist making a video for it, enjoy it in it’s current [WIP] “glory” !!

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Slot Machine With a difference

So the other night i was trying to think of a new style of fruit machine, and as far as i know this one is new 😀


instead of complete pictures in each row it shows a 3rd of a picture (open to change), and they list from the outside edge and go towards the centre creating a full image. (these 3 lines can be held)

the colored semi circles come into play also.

After the 3 main lines go thru, the colours then cycle thru the colours shown in the image (these cannot be held) this provides a second and harder chance for a win, and if both the 3 main lines and the 3 colours match give extra reward… more-so if its the key item (say for instance lucky 7) and 3 gold colours means the top prize.

the hold buttons would be at the outer edge of the circle, not shown in the picture.




i havent thought of any other things for it yet but im sure some would arise as i programmed for it

Copyright Jamie Sandford: ArkyMaps !

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