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Here sits Maps for the Halo Series!

LudoFlag! (Halo4)

Map Name: LudoFlag  (THIS IS A CTF RACE MAP!)
File Share Gamertag:Arky3000
Canvas Map: Forge Island
Status: Complete, needs testing

ludoflag3 ludoflag4 ludoflag1 ludoflag2

Ideal Player Count: 4v4v4v4 (will support 2v2 or 8v8 and has a spectator team for scragglers{4spawns})
Best Gametypes: CTF
Supported Gametypes:CTF, Flood. not recommended for ANY other gametype!
Description:this map has the basic layout of Ludo, you each start at a base and progress round stealing someone elses flag and return it to your base… sounds easy.. well yes except for you cant go back the way you came and people may decide to wait for you at their flag before actually venturing to collect one themselves!

Other Notes: Though this map supports 2v2 its recommended to use more (2v2v2 or 2v2v2v2), the 4 playing teams are red, blue, green and gold, with the spectator team as purple. while playing with only two teams its recommended to play either redvblue or goldvgreen. the ceiling is glass colloseum to allow the spectator team to see the action and if they get bored theres some things to play with too.
This Map can be played without any special gametypes, tho changing the time limit is recommended.

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The 8-O-Drome! (Halo4)

Lobby Size: 1v1 min (max: full)

GameModes: DM, TDM, CTF, Flood, Oddball, Grifball! and ‘King of the hill (with gametype or similar)’

Search for: ‘The 8-o-drome’

Author: Arky3000

This map is designed for mass mayhem and fun!

Playing this map on Flood will literally force your underwear into a state of heaviness! at the start of the game the flood will spawn randomly in one of the cages above and every consecutive respawn will be a random cage and all cages have respawns… ENJOY!


though most of the gamemodes will be easy to set up, KOTH will require its gametype or similar to be played due to it being a ‘last man standing’ scenario. you can either download this from my fileshare (‘KOTH 8-ODrome’) or you can create a basic/temporary mode using the settings below, though the gamemode i have created allows for a bit of fun while u wait for the round to finish.

Score to win: 1

time limit: unlimited

Lives per round: 2!!

Number of rounds: 3


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HideySeeky2 (Halo4)

Im pleased to announce the completion of HideySeeky2 for Halo4!

This map far exceeds its original on haloreach in pretty much every single way! Its bigger… better.. more heart poundingly, kill frenzying fun, it has more game modes! and best of all its already on m fileshare as i type this!

Map Title: HideySeeky2

Gamertag: Arky3000

and to get those thumbs bursting with want and ur heart bursting with lust to kill…. heres a very short video showing the map as you will see it.

I hope you guys enjoy the map, i wont know unless you leave me a comment :D.

this map was made for Bifftech, for without his awesome… this map wouldnt exist!

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The Pillar of Awesome! (HaloReach)


Lobby Size: ANY

Gamemodes: RACE ONLY

Author Arky3000

Most people who know me know that I’m not one for short races, and this race is no exception, taking well over 5 minutes to complete a single lap it really keeps you on your toes as well as everyone else on your heels, one false move on this treacherous circuit and you will find yourself in last place! at least until some other fool ditches further up and lets face it they most likely will!

The main feature of this map is obviously the pillar, being kind to your fellow racers works wonders here as no more than 2 of you can enter the pillar at the same time, and even if 2 of u do, its pretty much assured you wont have your vehicle by the top of it! and if you don’t hit much on the way up… be prepared for some serious and well earned air!

Dangerous turns, Dips that would make even sherbet hesitate and sheer drops of death means that this race is only cut out for those of you with enough patience to finish at all, let alone in first place!

While i admit this map isn’t really aesthetically pleasing, its designed to be fun, you wont really have time to admire the scenery due to the fact that you are about to careen not-so gracefully over the next edge!

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Multistorey Carpark2 (HaloReach)


Lobby size: 2v2+ (max : full lobby)

Gamemodes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and RACE!

Search for Multistorey Carpark2

Author: Arky3000

This map is obviously a multi-storey carpark, I apologise for the flickering of the objects at the start of the video, this is due to me maxing out the object limit pretty well, as well as the overall budget, in the very start of the video you will see a huge sticky out piece at the top of the carpark, this is only visible during racemode as it is the race start.

This map comprises of 4 levels with as little as 4 ways up/down from each level and to stop people camping on the stairwells they  alternate on each level.

each level also has distinct edging so you can memorise if you wish and remember which floor you are on 😀

Shoutout to bifftech for starring in this video!

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WateringHoles (HaloReach)

Lobby size: 1v1+ (max: Full lobby)

Combat Ranges: Melee only

Gamemodes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, King of the hill, and Zombies!

Search For: Wateringholes

Author: Arky3000

OTHER INFO:  This map requires its own game-mode, you can search for the one on my fileshare called (wateringholes slayer) or you can just make a gamemode and set primary weap as hammer, no secondary and sprint as powerup.

This map is a one of a kind! (other than the Skyholes i made for halo4), you really wont find any other map like it! its loved by many and is hilarious in large groups due to the fact that everyone has a suicide every so often, and usually a kill means a death too!

the main bases at either end shown in the video are only there in teambased gamemodes. and this map will have you laughing in stitches, even deathmatch mode sees you forming alliances… if only until u bash them senseless or they barge you into the water.


shoutout to bifftech forstarring in this 😀

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Hidey Seeky (HaloReach) {video added}

Lobby Size:  1v1+ (max:full lobby)

Combat Ranges:  Close to middle, with the occasional long distance

GameModes: Deathmatch, team deathmatch, King of the Hill (Glitchy due to hill) and i think CTF.

Search For: HideySeeky

Author: Arky3000

This map comprises of 2 main bases, 4 long run areas around the edges and a delightful close-combat melee forcing area in the middle (the bases have a second floor, with an opening to shoot out of, but there is lots of cover to counter this). With its many ways to get around it makes it easy to evade or sneak up on your enemies, there are an array of weapons scattered around the map so you shouldnt run out of ammo too much, and with powerups around it makes for a warm cosey gunblazing button bash scream of a fight!

This map was first made due to the lack of fun maps available to me and my friends online for our friday night madness sessions. It has subsequently become the GoTo map when we are bored of the other maps mainly due to the fun it can sustain with even the smallest of groups.



shoutout to bifftech forstarring in the video 😀

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