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Bringing this blog back to life with a new Category!!

Hey guys sorry i haven’t done so much here but a lot has been going on recently. that being said i decided to add a new category to the blog!

That new category would have to be Gta5 (360)!

to set off the new section i present a couple of modes for you.


First up is ‘The Los Santos Customs Run’


Title ‘TheLosSantosCustoms Run

Type: Land Race

Players: 1 to 8 (2+ preferable)

SocialClub Link:

Distance: 8.25 Miles

Note: social club links i believe are only visible to people in the SocialClub.


Second up is clearly inspired by Smokey and the bandit!

Title: Smokey – Bandit Chase

Type: Capture

Players: 2 to 16 (6+ preferable)

SocialClub Link:

Description: Impound or get theb andit to safety!


and finally one for all you people wishing to smash the crap out of each other!

Title: CarCrash Dash

Type: Land Race

Players: 1 to 16 (5+ preferable)

SocialClub Link:

Description: Like Banger Racing!


If you would like to view ALL (currently 30) of the Maps for GTA5 made by me then click:

If you play them i hope you rate them, and if you rate them bad, then you should come here and bitch about it so i can improve and make better maps!!

thanks for reading and i hope to keep this blog more active now 😀


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