More weapon sketches!! :D

23 Jun

ok so the last day or so i been thinking up other weird and wonderful weapons.


ok the first one is just a plain old axe, tho it may of been more efficient as a fist weapon instead of the axe.



next up is the ‘Ceaseless omenblade’, razor sharp all the way round the sword apart from the hilt, the weight at the base allows for more efficient control, great for a melee DPS, the tip has been known to pierce ttitanium armor like it was made of playdoh! the blade glows orange while in mid-swing, a sure sign to keep well away from it as it does!




Next up is a dual photo, on the left is ‘the touch of the gods’ and on the right is the ‘MaceBlade of stealth’.




The ‘Mace of timeless grace’

Forged by a group of wealthy blacksmiths aching for a weapon to show off their wealth! the hilt is made of dragon-bone, wrapped with gold and purple velvet, capped with platinum discs at either end. the shaft is silver coated titanium and the heavy end consists of elaborately detailed velvet fixed onto a solid titanium block edged in none other than solid gold! even the spike that holds it onto the shaft is gold plated titanium!




Lastly is the ‘Edge of unforgiving’,

This ingenious sword has the sharp edge on the inside. with 2 spikes for those extra gruesome tasks, is mainly used as an offhand item for a rogue but could be used well by others in the know.


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