More Weapons!

16 Jun

Hey guys, here are some more weapons i have been doodling.

The first one doesnt really have a name.


The Guard is shaped like an oval, with the actual action end of the sword shaped like a bracket ” ) ” with a strengthening rod down the centre. the blade runs round the entire main part of the sword. the hilt im not sure how it may look, extravagent would be too much for this hilt i think.

Next up is ‘The Staff of ensuring hurt’.


this staff, along with its classified magical abilities and stats, comes with 2 sharp edges just below the huge glowing region. the glowing region is surrounded by small metallic structures levitating around it acting as its base.

and lastly is ‘the Pole-Axe of the beheader’ .


With a devastating reach and razorsharp edges give this weapon its name, it was primarily meant to be a mace, but the crafter merely saw a great purpose to it, giving this weapon weight to the blade… helping those all important swings!

i hope you enjoyed these weapons, any comments or questions aren’t mandatory… but appreciated 😀

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