14 Jun

Ok i have decided to make a new category and obviously its called weaponry, incase the title didnt give it away, and to kick it all off i enclose a few sketches below of what i think would make great 3d models.

First up is called ‘the Mutilated grand mace of the [CLAN NAME]’

its meant to be a beautiful mace, with probably silver edging and decorate ironwork all around it, clearly mutilated by 2 huge pickaxe shaped steel struts pinned to the end of it, reinforced by adamantite for the tip. essentially making it an axe… but its a mace lol.


Second up is the weapon i like to call ‘The battleworn Shark-axe of the blacksmith’.

this weapon actually used to be a pickaxe, but with the constant wear and tear of the actual mining axe, a new end was forged consisting of a huge eternium point bolted onto one end with steel and the other ende with 3 prongs, with the middle prong splitting to an upper and lower prong, and on top of that each one has 2 spikes at the tips resembling that of a shark mouth, earning it its name.


the third and last one for now is the ‘FeatherBlade’.

Obviously this one much resembles a feather in that of style… sadly it lacks it in weight and length, this sword is as tall as a normal sized bloodelf when weilded by a bloodelf!, its serrated edge makes for a great saw, grinding thru trees or people alike.


theres also an armoury section, but i havent got much for that yet so stay tuned πŸ˜€ dont forget to save the rss feed if u use them πŸ˜€

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