The Pillar of Awesome! (HaloReach)

13 Jun


Lobby Size: ANY

Gamemodes: RACE ONLY

Author Arky3000

Most people who know me know that I’m not one for short races, and this race is no exception, taking well over 5 minutes to complete a single lap it really keeps you on your toes as well as everyone else on your heels, one false move on this treacherous circuit and you will find yourself in last place! at least until some other fool ditches further up and lets face it they most likely will!

The main feature of this map is obviously the pillar, being kind to your fellow racers works wonders here as no more than 2 of you can enter the pillar at the same time, and even if 2 of u do, its pretty much assured you wont have your vehicle by the top of it! and if you don’t hit much on the way up… be prepared for some serious and well earned air!

Dangerous turns, Dips that would make even sherbet hesitate and sheer drops of death means that this race is only cut out for those of you with enough patience to finish at all, let alone in first place!

While i admit this map isn’t really aesthetically pleasing, its designed to be fun, you wont really have time to admire the scenery due to the fact that you are about to careen not-so gracefully over the next edge!

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