WateringHoles (HaloReach)

12 Jun

Lobby size: 1v1+ (max: Full lobby)

Combat Ranges: Melee only

Gamemodes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, King of the hill, and Zombies!

Search For: Wateringholes

Author: Arky3000

OTHER INFO:  This map requires its own game-mode, you can search for the one on my fileshare called (wateringholes slayer) or you can just make a gamemode and set primary weap as hammer, no secondary and sprint as powerup.

This map is a one of a kind! (other than the Skyholes i made for halo4), you really wont find any other map like it! its loved by many and is hilarious in large groups due to the fact that everyone has a suicide every so often, and usually a kill means a death too!

the main bases at either end shown in the video are only there in teambased gamemodes. and this map will have you laughing in stitches, even deathmatch mode sees you forming alliances… if only until u bash them senseless or they barge you into the water.


shoutout to bifftech forstarring in this 😀

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