Hidey Seeky (HaloReach) {video added}

11 Jun

Lobby Size:  1v1+ (max:full lobby)

Combat Ranges:  Close to middle, with the occasional long distance

GameModes: Deathmatch, team deathmatch, King of the Hill (Glitchy due to hill) and i think CTF.

Search For: HideySeeky

Author: Arky3000

This map comprises of 2 main bases, 4 long run areas around the edges and a delightful close-combat melee forcing area in the middle (the bases have a second floor, with an opening to shoot out of, but there is lots of cover to counter this). With its many ways to get around it makes it easy to evade or sneak up on your enemies, there are an array of weapons scattered around the map so you shouldnt run out of ammo too much, and with powerups around it makes for a warm cosey gunblazing button bash scream of a fight!

This map was first made due to the lack of fun maps available to me and my friends online for our friday night madness sessions. It has subsequently become the GoTo map when we are bored of the other maps mainly due to the fun it can sustain with even the smallest of groups.



shoutout to bifftech forstarring in the video 😀

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