Halfhill/Lights hope Chapel

02 Jun

ok  so over the last couple of days i’ve been thinking about making a new map based on an area from World of Warcraft, and if you’re a fan of WoW then you may have realised that from the title, but for those of you who dont know,  heres a lil bit about them.

Firstly Halfhill, its a main area in valley of the four winds where people can farm, it has very high potential for a farcry map due to the way that its laid out, and with a few extra additions would make it a superb teambased map.


Light’s Hope Chapel, a place well used by people of the old WoW system, alas barely used today, it would mainly be used for attack/def or team deatchmatch as a whole as it really wouldnt suit the gamemodes so as much as Halfhill would be.

Eventually i will most likely make both of them, but i’m in two minds as to which i should make first, maybe some sort of voting should be in order 😀 … unless you know of a better location in World of Warcraft? 😀

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