The Sewers Darker (FC3 360)

31 May

Lobby Size: 3v3+

Combat Ranges: All

GameModes: i think all, or at least most :D… its definitely one of them… at least

FilterFor: TheSewersDarker

Author: Arky3000


This map has probably taken me the most time out of all the maps, infact i actually reached an item limit in a couple of areas, it has a top floor with a big hole in it, this was unintentional and will be fixed upon making the 2.0 version of this map (by taking out the top floor completely)  and also contains a hilarious easter egg should you find it, though you’ll have to die trying!


the glitche isnt a major issue unless playing the capture the ABC game… whatever its called! lol


the video below shows most of the map, and the easter egg.. oh well so much for not knowing where it is eh 😀


P.S. there is also a TheSewers map, tho the time of day was set wrong which makes it a little lighter.

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Posted by on May 31, 2013 in FarCry3 (360), Main Thread



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