MiddleKicks (FC3 360)

31 May

Lobby Size: 2v2  (Max Full, but with constant battle)

Combat Ranges: All

Gamemodes: All

Filterfor: MiddleKicks

Author: Arky3000

This map is designed for a much faster pace of gameplay, with only one level of speed ..GO!….. sorry had to say it. It’s set in a small village in the middle of nowhere  and is currently having a group of tanks running thru the middle of it from the American side to the Rebels side. you are able to venture into the forest but not very far, so dont go deep or you’re gonna go deeper!

The spawnpoints are not as spaced out as my other maps.


The Videos below show my awful showing of the area, while the other one is RobertCram from

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Posted by on May 31, 2013 in FarCry3 (360), Main Thread


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