Lil Venicia (FC3 360)

31 May

So i’ve had this idea for a while to make a map surrounded by water and really Farcry 2’s editor came up short, bu happily with FarCry3 i was able to pull it off!

Filterfor: LilVenicia

BY: Arky3000

This map is designed for a full Lobby of friends due to its sheer size, tho i guess a minimum would have to be about 3v3,  there are plenty of hidey holes, sniper points and escape areas as long as you dont mind a swim every now and then!

There are 4 islands on this map. The first one being the Housing  isle, obviously where people live and watch tv in their shacks.. if they can afford one that is! The second island is the Industrial island, they got crap to make, but heck how they are gonna transport it! The 3rd island is the Market area where you can buy anything from forklifts to fruit to junkfood! all the essentials! The fourth island is a small island based in pretty much the centre and is made to be ‘closecombat hope-for-the-best mass-mayhem’ deathzone! all the things a growing person needs.

Each Game mode has a different start area (As shown in RobCram’s review) so that it has the feel of not just one map, which is something i try to go for in a lot of my FC3  maps unless the map is just ridiculously tiny… like trying to fit a grand piano into a bucket… u just dont do it!

There is jsut one glitche in this map that i know of, thanks to one of the models. Sadly i have no power over it but only snipers/campers should find this glitche so it shouldnt change the game much.

It includes an easter egg dedicated to RobertCram over at due in part as i knew he was going to review it! 😀

Below are 2 videos, one of the making of it and one by RobertCram, reviewing it.

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