Growth1 (FC3 360)

31 May

Recommended Lobby size: Full! (Min: FULL!)

Type of game: Close/Mid ranged combat

Gamemodes: ALL

FilterFor: Growth1

Author Arky3000

This map was my first map with the FC3 editor, it had originally been designed to have vehicles and NPCs (Non-Playable Characters), now thanks to the limitations of the Level designer i was forced to cut back on such luxuries. This map uses ALL of the terrain available and i have found myself getting lost in it several times despite building the map myself. the start areas (as shown in the video below) have been designed so that it feels like more than one map.

the map contains 4 main close combat areas. One area is the small village which comprises of a highrise, a garage and some local trade, another area is a worldwar II bunker  with shacks built around it, an aztec ruin and a cemetery/graveyard

There is also an easter egg dedicated to Bifftech, for his great gaming, humour and all round alcoholyness… its a new word! all for Biff!

the video below shows spawns, areas and some running around!


p.s. i forgot about this video, its the one i made before i had to delete all the vehicles!

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